High potential solar roof market, Perplatsi is formed

Jakarta – The market for solar roof solar power plants (PLTS) is very bright in the future, in addition to the huge potential of solar energy, that reached up to 3,300 GigaWatt, analysts said Wednesday (27/7). This opportunity underlies the formation of the Indonesian Rooftop PLTS Installer Association (Perplatsi).

Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Perplatsi, Fabby Tumiwa, in a written statement said that the trend of clean energy usage from year to year is getting higher. “This phenomenon is unstoppable. In fact, this is a great opportunity for the new renewable energy industry,” said Tumiwa during the Perplatsi declaration, adding that Perplatsi was formed to accommodate rooftop PLTS installers who have the spirit to develop the PV mini-grid ecosystem in Indonesia.

Meanwhile, I Gusti Erlangga, a BTI Energi business actor in Bali, said that the growth of renewable energy will not be achieved without the collaboration of all parties including PLN and relevant ministries. Therefore, Perplatsi encourages synergies with related parties in order to achieve a conducive investment climate that will be useful in providing service certainty to the community, especially in Rooftop Solar Power Plants.

“We urge all PLTS Rooftop business actors to join Perplatsi, so that it becomes an effective forum in defending the interests of the industry and renewable energy business actors in particular. Perplatsi is home to thousands of business actors who have increased sharply due to the PLTS renewable energy boom in Indonesia, especially Bali will be the host of the G20 for the world in November,” said Erlangga.

He said Perplatsi is ready to become an effective partner for PLN. This is in line with the people’s interests, both on the user side and directly or indirectly related to the PLTS Rooftop renewable energy industry players. (Hartatik)

Banner photo: New Energy Nexus (NEX) Indonesia, supported by the IKEA Foundation, has disbursed investment funds to four solar panel companies. (Source: NEX Indonesia)

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