DPR accommodates nuclear energy in renewables bill, Government speeds up implementation

Jakarta – Deputy Chairman of Commission VII of the House of Representatives (DPR), Eddy Soeparno, emphasised that including a clause regulating nuclear development in the New Energy and Renewable Energy Bill (NERE Bill) is a priority.

“The question on nuclear is when to mobilise it and whether it needs to be included (in the bill). We still want nuclear to be included in the NERE Law,” he said in his statement on Friday, March 22.

Soeparno said that large or small nuclear power plants will need DPR approval and can only be carried out with adequate experience. However, the construction of third-generation nuclear power plants (PLTN) has been exempted from DPR approval in the NERE Bill.

Along with the discussion in the DPR, the government is also moving quickly in setting the target for the commercial operation of nuclear power plants to increase the mix of new renewable energy (NRE). In the draft revision of Government Regulation No. 79/2014 on National Energy Policy, the target for commercial operation of nuclear power plants is accelerated to 2032 from 2039.

The acceleration aligns with the NRE mix target, which is planned to reach 25% – 26% by 2035, assuming the first nuclear power plant will operate in 2032 with an installed capacity of 250 megawatts (MW).

Based on the new roadmap, the government also targets the EBT mix to reach 38% – 41% by 2040 and up to 52% – 54% by 2050.

The Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (EMR), Arifin Tasrif, issued a new regulation to accelerate the development of nuclear power plants in Indonesia. The decision is embodied in Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Decree No. 34.K/HK.02/MEM/2024, which regulates the establishment of the Nuclear Energy Program Implementing Organization (NEPIO).

Although establishing NEPIO requires further study regarding its effectiveness, the decision shows the government’s commitment to encouraging the development of nuclear energy in Indonesia.

Previously, DEN Secretary General Djoko Siswanto revealed that the location of the first nuclear power plant in Indonesia is planned to be on Gelasa Island, Bangka Belitung Islands. Its capacity is planned to reach 500 megawatts (MW).

“There are several more (options), such as in West Kalimantan, because according to statistical data, earthquakes rarely occur. Then, Southeast Sulawesi and Nias Island are other alternatives,” he said. (Hartatik)

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