Subsidised fuel users to be regulated by Presidential Decree

Jakarta – The type of vehicles that may use subsidised fuel oil will be regulated in a presidential regulation (Perpres). The policy is aimed at making subsidised fuel recipients more targeted, according to the Oil and Gas Daily Management Agency (BPH Migas), Thursday (14/7).

Head of BPH Migas, Erika Retnowati, said in a written statement that the government was revising Presidential Regulation No. 191/2014 regarding the latest technical regulations regarding the provisions of community groups who are entitled to use certain types of diesel fuel and special types of assigned fuel such as Pertalite.

“In the current regulation, there is no regulation regarding Pertalite, so that with the revision of this Presidential Regulation, the distribution will be more targeted,” he said.

So far distribution of subsidised fuel is regulated based on Presidential Regulation Number 191 of 2014 concerning the Supply, Distribution and Retail Selling Price of oil fuel, that regulates the recipients of subsidised fuel and assignments.

Retnowati explained that currently subsidised diesel is regulated by volume for land transportation.

Private vehicles are allowed to buy 60 litres per day, 80 litres for public transportation or 4-wheeled goods transport per day, and 6-wheeled public transportation are limited to 200 litres per day. Meanwhile, vehicles for transporting plantation and mining activities with more than six wheels are excluded from the regulation.

“After the revision of the Presidential Regulation is issued, BPH Migas will issue a regulation to control the purchase of subsidised fuel for diesel and Pertalite types, which will technically regulate in the field usage. For luxury cars will certainly not receive subsidised fuel,” she said.

In addition to revising the rules, BPH Migas will also increase supervision over the distribution of subsidised fuel, namely by strengthening the role of local governments and law enforcement, conducting socialisation with distributors who do not understand the provisions, and emphasising strict sanctions, including encouraging the use of IT in supervision.

Efforts to revise this Presidential Regulation are in line with the registration program currently being run by PT Pertamina (Persero) for users of Pertalite and diesel fuel. From July 1, 2022, users of this subsidised fuel are required to register through the MyPertamina website. Currently, registration is required for four-wheeled vehicles in 11 cities/districts in five provinces. (Hartatik)

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