Singapore assesses Sunda Asri basin for Cross Border CCS site

Jakarta—The Executive Director of the Indonesia CCS Center said Singapore is intensifying its evaluation of the Sunda Asri basin as a carbon storage site. Last February, Indonesia and Singapore signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) to realize a Cross-Border Carbon Capture Storage (CCS) project.

“Singapore is currently preparing a carbon capture program. They have appointed a consortium to conduct cross-border cooperation. Indonesia is also participating in this project by focusing on Sunda Asri,” said Belladona Troxylon Maulianda, Executive Director of Indonesia CCS Center, at a media briefing session themed “CCS as a New Business Opportunity in Indonesia” in early April.

The emphasis on Sunda Asri as a potential carbon storage site covers environmental aspects and leads to new investment potential. “The Sunda Asri region indeed has the potential to implement CCS in Indonesia today. This is not just a discourse of investment from Exxon worth USD 15 billion to Petrochemical, but CCS brings other investments,” she said.

By issuing CCS-related regulations, including Presidential Regulation No 14 of 2024, Indonesia opened the door for cross-border investment and collaboration with Singapore. The LOI agreement between the two countries confirms the importance of CCS as a decarbonization method and creates new sustainable economic opportunities.

Sunda Asri’s role as a carbon storage site is further elevated by the national carbon storage potential recently published by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources.

The potential of 572 billion tons of CO2 in saline aquifers and 4.85 billion tons of CO2 in depleted oil and gas reservoirs shows that Indonesia has significant resources to support long-term emission reduction targets.

With concrete steps taken by the government, including the issuance of regulations and cross-border cooperation agreements, Indonesia appears poised to become Singapore’s strategic carbon storage hub. (Hartatik)

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