New EIA regulation hinder investment in clean energy projects: observer

Jakarta – Chairman of the Indonesian Solar Energy Association (AESI) Fabby Tumiwa said, Tuesday (16/8), new regulations related to the provision of environmental permits and Environmental Impact Analysis (EIA) permits actually hampered investment plans in the clean energy sector. A number of companies have waited three to four months for the environmental permit and it has not yet been issued.

“The reason for this is the implementation of Government Regulation (PP) Number 22 of 2021 concerning Implementation of Environmental Protection and Management and Ministerial Regulation of Environment and Forestry Number 4 of 2021 (Permen LHK no 4/2021) concerning List of Businesses and/or Activities Required to Have Environmental Impact Analysis and Environmental Monitoring or Statement of Management’s Ability,” Tumiwa said in a written release.

He said this new provision has the potential to hamper business implementation, especially for the development of solar power plants (PLTS), adding that, these provisions are issuing new licensing provisions for locations that already had environmental permits issued over it.

This means, PLTS development plans in locations with environmental permits issued must be revised again. The same conditions apply to EIA permits. Thus, these provisions can prolong the process and are expensive.

Tumiwa said, a number of companies that intend to build PLTS eventually have to review the plan and make changes to environmental permits and EIA documents that have already been approved, adding there “needs to be flexibility in its implementation” of environmental regulations.

He said, PLTS development has little impact on the environment, since there is no waste, no noise pollution and so on. Tumiwa said that he is ready to provide technical input to the Ministry of Environment and Forestry. (Hartatik)

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