Fuel efficiency doubled in natural gas-fueled motorcycle trial

Jakarta – PT PGN Tbk with its subsidiary, PT Gagas Energi Indonesia, conducted a trial run on the use of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) as gas fuel (BBG) on motorcycles in early April. Trials were carried out on three automatic motorbikes, each using CNG of 2.5 Liters equivalent to Premium (LSP).

As a result, CNG on motorbikes can save up to two times the cost of buying conventional fuel. PGN Corporate Secretary, Rachmat Hutama, said that the trial or test drive was conducted to find out the maximum distance that can be traveled by a motorcycle using 2.5 LSP CNG and the mileage test will show the cost efficiency figures that can be obtained by users.

“From the trial results, the three vehicles have an average mileage of 38.7 km per LSP,” said Hutama in an official statement.

The farthest distance achieved by one of the Vespa scooter motorbikes is 104 km, using 2.5 LSP. This means, per LSP, it can cover a distance of about 41.6 km. Meanwhile, on an automatic motorbike, it has successfully covered a distance of 93.7 km or around 37.5 km per LSP. Meanwhile, another Vespa motorbike covers a distance of 91 km per 2.5 LSP or 37 km per LSP.

Hutama said, the price of CNG is IDR 4,500 per LSP and the price is the same in every gas station. The price of gas fuel is regulated and determined by the Government and the conversion of gas fuel is one of the programs of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, so that price increases will not be as frequent and volatile as conventional fuel prices.

The conversion of CNG motors is a breakthrough as well as PGN Group’s support for providing environmentally friendly and efficient energy for the community. Motorcycles that have been converted to CNG will have a dual fuel system, namely a combination of BBM and CNG fuels. Therefore, BBG will increase the amount of fuel so that you can travel farther. This fuel combination also makes users more flexible in choosing fuel.

President Director of Gagas Energi Indonesia, Muhammad Hardiansyah said, currently, there are 20 Gas Fuel Filling Stations (SPBG) in Greater Jakarta area, Bekasi, and Depok. The filling method is easy and practical, without the need to disassemble the fuel tank. BBG charging itself takes around one to two minutes.

Hardiansyah explained, for the conversion of CNG on motorbikes, it is necessary to install a converter kit, CNG cylinders, and switches to activate and deactivate the use of CNG, as well as other devices. (Hartatik)

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