Central Java Provincial Govt installs solar panels in 10 Islamic Boarding Schools

Source: Central Java Provincial Government

Semarang – In order to increase the mix of new and renewable energy (NRE), the Provincial Government of Central Java through the Department of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) has allocated assistance for solar power plants in 10 Islamic boarding schools, officials said this month.

The caretaker of the Amanah Ummah Islamic Boarding School in Palur Village, Mojolaban, Sukoharjo, Fauzan Al Anshori said that the solar panel assistance from the Provincial Government was very useful to support daily learning activities. “Thank God we can fully use the solar panels for learning activities, especially the use of multimedia facilities. Apart from that, we can maximize dormitory activities,” said Al Anshori, in a written statement.

He said before the installment of the solar panels, school activities were limited. Although the use of electricity for activities increases, the costs incurred are still economical. In addition, Islamic boarding schools are no longer constrained by rotating power outages which usually occur once in a while.

“In the past (electricity bills) could reach IDR 1.5 million per month, but because of the (additional solar panels) cost of electricity was reduced by more than 50 percent. Especially in the dry season it can increase up to 70 percent. And thank God there are no power outages,” he said, adding that there are currently 164 students staying in the school dormitory.

One of the school Board of Directors of the Islamic Boarding School of Riyadhussolihin Nguter, Sukoharjo, Ahmad Rifai said that the solar panel assistance was useful not only for education, but for the development of Job Training Centers (BLK). He said the solar panels save monthly electricity costs, from more than IDR 500,000 per month, to only around IDR 230,000. “From the electricity cost savings, we can divert the money to educational activities at the school,” said Rifai.

From the records of the ESDM Office for Central Java Province, by 2021 995 kWp PLTS has been built in Central Java, consisting of an 881 kWp state budget allocation, as well as 114 kWp provincial and district budgets. This number will increase with the construction of rooftop PLTS in UMKM areas and Islamic boarding schools. (Hartatik)

All photos: Central Java Provincial Government documentation



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