With enough supply, Bali rejects 500MW undersea power cable

Jakarta – The central government plans to increase the electricity supply to Bali by 500 megawatts (MW) through a submarine cable from Java. The plan was firmly rejected by Bali Governor Wayan Koster in an official statement at the end of June.

The reason for the rejection is that the current electricity supply in Bali is sufficient and there is no need to rely on external energy sources. “Bali has great potential to develop renewable energy, such as solar, wind, water, and biomass,” he said.

Wayan Koster hopes that Bali can become an independent and sustainable province in terms of energy. Therefore, he does not want the Island of the Gods to depend on energy sources from outside. He also wants to develop local energy sources that are environmentally friendly and in accordance with Balinese characteristics.

Previously, Koster conveyed this when giving answers to the general views of the factions on the draft regulation on the direction of Bali’s future development, 100 years of Bali New Era 2025-2125 at the 23rd plenary session at the Bali regional parliament office.

“I reject the government’s desire to increase the energy supply to Bali by 500 Megawatts. Give me a round of applause. How can any governor dare to refuse,” he told the members of the Bali Legislative Council who were present.

The peak load demand for electricity in Bali currently reaches 980 MW. Meanwhile, the available electricity capacity is 1,322 MW. However, as much as 370 MW is supplied from the Paiton PLTU.

According to Koster, adding electricity supply from the Paiton PLTU through submarine cable connections is risky and dangerous. According to him, it is time for Bali to be independent of clean energy.

“I do not allow any more additional supplies from outside Bali that will make Bali more dependent on external energy sources. It is dangerous, especially when connected with undersea cables. It is very easy and it is vulnerable,” he said. (Hartatik)

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