Solar and wind power opens isolation of villages in Java

Jakarta – Isolated hamlets in Cilacap, Central Java outside the electricity grid, can now enjoy electricity from renewable energy, Pertamina said in a written statement, Thursday (7/7).

Bondan Hamlet, a small hamlet in Ujung Alang Village, Kampung Laut Subdistrict, Cilacap, Central Java is now no longer isolated after the presence of solar energy and wind energy. For many years, the village has been without electricity, relying solely on kerosene lamps.

In 2010, this hamlet supplied electricity from a neighboring village, namely Grugu Village, Kawunganten District. By using a cable supported by 5 kilometers of bamboo poles, it is only used for lighting and the electric current is unstable.

Changes began to occur in 2017, when Pertamina RU IV Cilacap introduced the local community to the hybrid energy one pool (Heop) technology, which combines solar panels with windmills. Pertamina’s Acting Vice President of Corporate Communication, Heppy Wulansari said, as a pilot project, Heop was indeed able to be one of the answers to the problem of electricity supply in the local hamlet.

Ujung Alang Village is an Energy Berdikari Village which is part of Pertamina’s new renewable energy development program based on CID (Community Involvement Development).

This Heop-tech electrical energy is sourced from 15 windmills and 24 solar panels, producing energy that is stored in power storage storage. From all the windmills and solar panels, it can produce 16,200 WP (Watt Peak) power which is stored in their respective storage and distributed using cables to 78 households, 1 school, 1 mosque and 2 production houses.

“Not only does this produce energy, this technology reduces up to 126.4 tons of CO eq/year. This is a manifestation of Pertamina’s commitment to preventing climate change and global warming,” Wulansari said.

The development of Cilacap’s Independent Energy Village utilizes solar and wind energy sources that are available throughout the year. The village of Ujung Alang is an isolated village, where 80 percent of the population work as seasonal fishermen and pond workers. Limited access to electricity, transportation and communication makes this village lagging behind other villages. (Hartatik)

Banner photo: Solar and wind power Plant Pertamina RU IV Cilacap assistance program makes Bondan Hamlet in Ujung Alang Village, Kampung Laut Subdistrict, Cilacap, Central Java no longer dark and isolated. (Source: Pertamina Doc)

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