PLTGU Jawa 1 is poised for full operation, the largest in Southeast Asia

Jakarta – Pertamina New and Renewable Energy (Pertamina NRE) stated that the Java 1 Steam Gas Power Plant (PLTGU) is now fully operational, marking an essential moment in the national energy industry. The plant is expected to significantly contribute to reducing carbon emissions and encouraging the realization of Net Zero Emission (NZE) in Indonesia.

After passing a series of trials, PLTGU Jawa 1 will become the largest power plant in Southeast Asia equipped with a regasification system, supporting national energy security and becoming an essential milestone in the transition to clean energy. The power plant, with a capacity of 1,760 MW, successfully passed various test stages, such as the plant reliability run and net dependable capacity test conducted on Friday, March 29.

Pertamina NRE CEO John Anis expressed his appreciation to the entire team involved in this project. “This is a crucial moment that has been realized thanks to the patience, perseverance, and dedication of the entire management team and JSP officers,” he said in an official statement Monday, April 1.

According to Anis, “with all the uniqueness of its installation, PLTGU Jawa 1 not only produces reliable energy but also supports efforts to reduce carbon emissions”.

President Director of Jawa Satu Power (JSP), Asistia Semiawan, expressed his gratitude to all parties who have supported the construction process of PLTGU Jawa 1. “We hope that with this support, PLTGU Jawa-1 can make an optimal contribution to providing electricity to the people of Indonesia”.

The PLTGU Jawa-1, which integrates a floating storage and regasification unit (FSRU) with a 1,760 MW power generation unit, has connected gas supply availability in Papua with electricity demand in Java and Bali.

In terms of technology, PLTGU Jawa 1 uses the latest generation of single shaft combined cycle gas turbine technology, so it can produce electricity at competitive prices. In addition, this power plant has black start capability technology that allows it to self-start up when the grid is not available.

Using liquefied natural gas (LNG) fuel, PLTGU Jawa 1 can also reduce greenhouse gas emissions compared to coal or fuel-fired power plants. The closed-loop cooling tower system technology also increases the plant’s operational reliability. (Hartatik)

Banner photo: PLN Nusantara Power operates Indonesia’s first Green Hydrogen Plant (GHP) at Muara Karang Steam Gas Power Plant (PLTGU). (Source: PLN)

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