Pengapon-Boyolali pipeline project begins

Semarang – The construction of a new pipeline to distribute fuel products from Integrated Terminal Semarang Group (Pengapon) to Fuel Terminal Boyolali has begun. The construction will cross several areas, namely Semarang Regency, Mranggen to Kedoya Semarang, with the project location in the form of a ROW (Right of Way) line with a 12-inch diameter steel pipe for approximately 81.5 kilometres.

This project is a collaboration between PGN Solution and Pertamina Patra Niaga. Director of Engineering and Development of PT PGAS Solution Lebinner Sinaga said that the kick-off meeting for the Pengapon-Boyolali pipeline project was held on 6 July in Semarang. In this project, according to him, in addition to engineering and technical preparations, the project licensing process is not simple.

“This project does not only intersect with companies or other institutions. It is also directly related to the surrounding community,” said Sinaga in a written statement.

He said PGN Solution management will routinely conduct management walkthroughs (MWT) to ensure maximum quality of work so that the duration of the work can be completed on time. (Hartatik)

Banner photo: Kodda/

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