Large potential reserves of Indonesian gas as renewable energy in transition

Jakarta – Director General of Oil and Gas of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (EMR), Tutuka Ariadji, said that Indonesia’s natural gas, with reserves of 54,830.40 BSCF or 54.83 TSCF, plays a vital role in the energy transition period.

He said that the potential of these gases, whose reserves have been recognised as proven, probable and possible (3P), should be harnessed immediately. These reserves are widely spread from Sumatra to Papua.

Until August 2023, the volume of domestic natural gas usage reached 3,725 BBTUD. During the period 2012 to date, domestic natural gas usage has even exceeded exports.

“Of the total production of 5,446.90 BBTUD, around 68% is used for domestic needs. This development supports national energy independence,” Ariadji said in an official statement.

Currently, he continued, the industrial sector is the leading consumer of natural gas with a share of 28.52%, followed by the fertiliser sector with a share of 12.62%, and electricity with a share of 12.22%. There are still opportunities to increase gas exports by 23.43% and pipeline gas by 8.18%.

“The hope is that this downstream will increase the competitiveness of the national industry, ensure national energy security, and create independence in this sector,” Ariadji said. (Hartatik)

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