From 1 January 2024, 3-kg LPG users must be recorded

Jakarta – Starting 1 January 2024, buyers of 3-kilogram LPG cylinders must be recorded, so that government subsidies can be fully enjoyed by the poor and will be better targeted.

Director General of Oil and Gas of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (EMR), Tutuka Ariadji, said that since 1 March 2023, the government, through Pertamina, has been registering or collecting data on 3-kg LPG cylinder users at sub-distributors into a website-based system as the initial stage of the 3-kg LPG cylinder on-target distribution programme.

“The data collection of 3-kg LPG cylinder users is a follow-up to the Financial Memorandum for Fiscal Year 2023, which states the government’s commitment to take steps to transform subsidies into target-based recipients and integrated with social protection programmes in stages by considering economic recovery and people’s purchasing power,” Ariadji said in an official statement.

There is no restriction on the purchase of 3-kg LPG cylinders for registered buyers. They only need to bring their ID card or family card at the time of the first purchase and then just bring their ID card for subsequent purchases.

In accordance with Presidential Regulations No. 104/2007 and No. 38/2019, 3-kg LPG cylinders are only intended for households and micro businesses for cooking, targeted fishermen, and targeted farmers. The Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources issued a decree to govern the distribution as a follow-up.

The realisation of 3 kg LPG volume continues to increase by an average of 4.5% each year. In 2019, the volume realisation of 3 kg cylinder LPG was 6.84 million metric tonnes, then rose to 7.14 million metric tonnes in 2020 and 7.46 million metric tonnes in 2021 to reach 7.80 million metric tonnes in 2022. In contrast, the realisation of non-subsidised LPG volumes decreased by 10.9% on average. (Hartatik)

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