Energy storage crucial in the development of a green transportation ecosystem

Pertamina NRE’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Dannif Danusaputro listens to an online motorcycle taxi driver’s explaining how to charge an electric motor battery during the launch of the swapping station at the Green Energy Station SPBU Denpasar, Tuesday (30/8). (Photo: Hartatik)


Jakarta – Management of energy storage is a determinant of the success of developing a green transportation ecosystem, especially electric vehicles. Moreover, electric vehicles will make future technology into V2G or vehicle-to-green.

“We welcome the growth of battery technology, that Indonesia is starting to master battery technology. We already have a battery factory that will lead to energy storage, in line with the relevant regulators who are also starting to regulate the regulations,” said EVP Marketing and Product Development of PT PLN Persero Hikmat Drajat in a webinar, Thursday (29/9).

He said energy storage changes the perspective and performance in accelerating electrification and more environmentally friendly energy for the transportation sector. “Now, electricity can be stored. This is the future, how the electrical energy storage process can later be used into other (forms of) energy,” said Drajat.

Electricity as new and renewable energy (NRE) in the transportation sector is inevitable. Drajat believes this needs to be accompanied by equal distribution of electricity to the community itself. PLN is currently generating electrical energy in a number of remote areas using diesel power plants. “We will gradually change (diesel) to new renewable energy, one of which is solar power,” he said. (Hartatik)

Banner photo: Online motorcycle taxi drivers install electric motor batteries to charge at the swapping station at the Denpasar Green Energy Station, Tuesday (30/8). (Hartatik)

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