EMBER: Indonesia must catch up with the global trend of renewable electricity growth

Jakarta – The latest report, “Global Electricity Review 2024”, released by EMBER, reveals that in 2022, Indonesia only about 20 per cent of its total electricity generated came from renewable energy sources, far behind the global trend of exceeding 30 per cent globally by 2023.

The report states that since 2000, renewable-based electricity in the world has increased from 19 per cent to more than 30 per cent.

“The growth of renewable energy has now reached a significant point on the global stage. However, Indonesia must increase its efforts so that it is not left far behind compared to neighbouring countries such as Vietnam and India,” said Aditya Lolla, Asia Program Director at EMBER, Monday, May 13.

According to data from the report, electricity generation from solar and wind sources in Indonesia will only account for 0.2 per cent by 2022. Meanwhile, countries like Vietnam have achieved 13 per cent of electricity from the same sources by 2023.

“Indonesia must act now. Companies and investors are increasingly demanding access to clean energy, and Indonesia must strengthen infrastructure and policies that support renewable energy growth,” added Putra Adhiguna, Managing Director of the Energy Shift Institute.

While solar power is becoming a major growth source of electricity worldwide, more than doubling its contribution compared to coal by 2023, Indonesia still has a lot of work to do to catch up in this area.

The EMBER report also underscores the importance of aggressive measures supporting renewable energy. High levels of policy ambition, effective incentives and flexible solutions are key to accelerating the growth of solar and wind power, as has already happened in countries such as China, Brazil and the Netherlands.

As a country with abundant renewable energy potential, Indonesia has a great opportunity to lead in the transition to clean energy. However, this requires a strong commitment from the government and the private sector to take more aggressive steps to accelerate the use of renewable energy. (Hartatik)

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