ATW Solar collaborates with Huawei Tech Investment, Hua Sheng Energy aims to develop solar panels

Jakarta – Solar energy company ATW Solar collaborates with Huawei Tech Investment and Hua Sheng Energy to accelerate the use of solar energy in Indonesia, company officials said Tuesday (26/7). The three companies focus on developing solar panel inverter products.

The Director of ATW Sejahtera, Chairiman, in a written statement, said that ATW Solar’s commitment in utilizing solar energy was implemented through the Sustainable Future Generation Program agenda. This activity involves participants who take part in the government-led Solar Electricity Initiative (Gerilya).

“Together with the Gerilya program participants, we had the opportunity to visit Huawei’s exhibition hall and training center this Tuesday (26 July),” he said.

The Gerilya Program was initiated by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. This program is an independent study to give participants the opportunity to develop specific and practical competencies in the field of renewable energy, especially Rooftop Solar Power Plants (PLTS).

The involvement of the Gerilya participants, mostly from the younger generation, said Chairiman, is ATW Solar’s commitment to improve their quality of life in the future. “We contribute to ensuring the welfare of future generations by providing a platform for the younger generation to be able to prepare themselves,” he said.

Chairiman said the visit to Huawei was in an effort to introduce Huawei’s innovation and advanced technology in the field of renewable energy, especially in Smart PV (Photovoltaic). The product is considered to have a vital function in the solar panel system.

“Huawei inverters have various advantages over similar inverters, especially the Smart PV Optimizer which functions to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of solar panel production,” he said.

Huawei’s on-grid inverter also has a feature that allows adding batteries to maximize electricity consumption from solar power. This inverter can also be used to back up critical loads at home in the event of a power outage.

Not only featuring inverter technology for residential scale, Huawei Smart PV also has industrial and utility scale inverter and battery technologies. This product was developed from Huawei’s technological advantages in the fields of power electronics and digital technology such as cloud, artificial intelligence, and connectivity. (Hartatik)

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