PLN, WRI Indonesia extend strategic partnership to support green energy transition

Jakarta – Coinciding with Earth Day 2024, PT PLN (Persero) and World Resources Institute (WRI) Indonesia extended their collaboration as a strategic step in supporting the green energy transition.

With a commitment to developing green product innovations for the industrial sector and carbon management strategies, the collaboration between PLN and WRI Indonesia supports the Indonesian government’s vision to achieve the net zero emissions (NZE) target by 2060 or sooner.

President Director of PT PLN, Darmawan Prasodjo, emphasized that the challenges of global climate change encourage companies to continue to innovate in reducing carbon emissions, especially from the electricity sector.

“In the face of a shift in the energy industry that increasingly prioritizes sustainability, PLN is committed to continuing to make efforts to transition to clean energy,” Darmawan said in an official statement at the PLN Earth Day Celebration 2024, Monday, May 13.

Extending cooperation with WRI Indonesia until 2027 is an integral part of PLN’s strategy to increase the portion of new renewable energy (NRE) in Indonesia. Previous collaborations have produced superior products such as the Renewable Energy Certificate (REC), which is part of the Green Energy as a Service (GEAS) to meet the needs of green electricity in the industrial sector.

Darmawan emphasized that collaboration between PLN and WRI Indonesia is one way to realize the energy transition plan.

WRI Indonesia’s Board of Trustees, Masyita Crystallin, also welcomed the extension of this collaboration. According to her, the effective cooperation between PLN and WRI Indonesia since 2020 has contributed significantly to developing green products and reducing carbon emissions from the energy sector.

“Responding to Indonesia’s new target to reduce carbon emissions, PLN and WRI Indonesia agreed to continue cooperation in developing green electricity products and analyzing opportunities for implementing Carbon Economic Value (NEK) in the electricity sector,” she said.

This extended cooperation is expected to be a strong impetus in accelerating the transition to clean energy in Indonesia, which aligns with global commitments to protect the earth and improve the quality of life for future generations. (Hartatik)

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