Kayan River hydropower, source of green energy at KIPI

Jakarta – The Kalimantan Industrial Park Indonesia (KIPI) area in Bulungan, North Kalimantan will use hydropower from the Kayan River as a source of green energy. This 13 thousand hectare industrial area will later be prepared for the construction of the EV battery industry, petrochemical industry and aluminum industry.

During his visit to KIPI, President Joko Widodo said he hopes that KIPI will become the largest green industrial area in the world that can become Indonesia’s future in the development of the green energy industry. Thus, this area will be able to produce competitive green products.

“We hope that with competitive strength like that, the energy is green, then the products produced are also green products. This is what will become the strength of the Indonesian Industrial Park Area in North Kalimantan,” the president said in an official statement, early March.

President Widodo said that he will continue to monitor the progress of the development of the green industrial area, and ensure that the development of the KIPI area can proceed according to the predetermined targets.

“I will continue to follow this progress from day to day, from month to month, so that it really does not miss the schedule we have set. I think if you look at the field, it seems that I asked in the field there was no problem. All permits are complete, ready,” he explained. (Hartatik)

Banner photo: President Jokowi visits the Kalimantan Industrial Park Indonesia (KIPI) area in Bulungan, North Kalimantan, Tuesday (28/2). (Source: Presidential Secretariat)

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