Pertamina NRE Targets 10GW Clean Energy by 2026

JAKARTA – Pertamina Subholding Power & New Renewable Energy (PNRE) operated under PT Pertamina Power Indonesia or also known as Pertamina NRE targets the development of clean energy of 10 GW by 2026 in the company’s green business portfolio, company officials said Wednesday (9/3). That number includes 5 GW gas generators, 4 GW renewable energy (including geothermal), as well as 1 GW of new energy such as green hydrogen, electric vehicles, nature climate solutions and others.

The target is part of Pertamina’s business portfolio which aims to fulfill 17 percent of clean energy by 2030. Pertamina NRE Chief Executive Office, Dannif Danusaputro said Pertamina is one of the main players in fulfilling the government’s commitment to green energy. “The majority of the green portfolio is under the management of Pertamina NRE and its subsidiaries and affiliates,” he said, adding that all targets will be achieved through collaboration, both internally with the Pertamina Group and other companies that have an aligned vision.

Green hydrogen development from geothermal is carried out by PT Pertamina Geothermal Energy (PGE) which has a self-operated power generator with an installed capacity of 672 MW, and gas-to-power development by PT Jawa Satu Power and PT Jawa Satu Regas, including the Jawa-1 project with capacity 1.8 GW.

To fulfill the EV ecosystem target, Pertamina through Pertamina NRE together with the state mining holding company MIND ID, PT Aneka Tambang, and PT PLN form the Indonesia Battery Corporation (IBC). The company is focused on moving the battery industry from upstream to downstream, starting from providing batteries for electric vehicles, public electric charging stations (SPLU) and other supporting ecosystems. This collaboration is expected to encourage the transition in the transportation sector, from fossil fuels to electric vehicles.

In order to realize an energy transition that starts from its own page, Pertamina NRE has collaborated with other sub-holdings or other Pertamina affiliates to provide green energy sources. Pertamina NRE has operated Badak PLTS with a capacity of 4 MW (2019). In addition, there are PLTS Dumai with a capacity of 2 MW, PLTS Cilacap 1.34 MW, PLTS Roof at 141 gas stations.

In addition to developing on its own page, Pertamina NRE also supports government programs, namely the Green Industry Cluster by building solar powered generators (PLTS) in the Sei Mangkei 2 MW area, biogas-powered generator (PLTBg) Sei Mangkei 2.4 MW, and carrying out operation and maintenance services at PLTBg Kwala Palm and Pagar Merbau 2 MW.

In collaboration with Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT), Pertamina NRE is also in the finalization stage of the construction of the Binary geothermal generators (PLTP), in Tomohon, North Sulawesi as a small-scale PLTP pilot project.

Decarbonization or zero percent emission is the determination of many countries as an effort to combat global warming which is increasingly threatening the existence of the earth and mankind. As a first step, the government has set a target of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 29 percent by 2030. If there is assistance from the international community, GHG emission reductions can reach 41% in 2030.

At the same time, the government has approved a new target dominated by green energy in the 2021-2030 Electricity Supply Business Plan (RUPTL), in an effort to achieve a new renewable energy mix (NRE) of 23% by 2025, as well as the General Electricity Plan. 2019-2038 targeting an energy mix of 28% in 2038 and 31% in 2050. (Hartatik)

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