West Java launches public awareness program on renewable energy potential

Jakarta – The Institute for Essential Services Reform (IESR), together with the Energy Transition Academy, the West Java Energy and Mineral Resources Agency (EMR), and the Society of Renewable Energy University of Indonesia (SRE UI) organised an event exploring West Java’s energy potential on January 23-26, 2024.

The “Jelajah Energi Jawa Barat” event team will visit nine strategic locations to see positive impacts of renewable energy utilisation, including waste-powered electricity generation plant in Bantar Gebang, Cirata Floating Solar Power Plant, Cirata Hydroelectric Power Plant, Gunung Halu micro-hydro plant, cofiring and solar power plant of PT Kahatex Majalaya, Surya Energi Indonesia, Kamojang geothermal plant, biogas and solar power plants producing cooperative Karya Nugraha Jaya, and Cirebon Mangrove ecotourism. This event is expected to inspire and motivate the community to support sustainable energy transformation in Indonesia.

This activity aims to support and promote the use of renewable energy in West Java Province, becoming an example for other regions in Indonesia. West Java Province was chosen as the host of ‘Jelajah Energi’ because it has abundant renewable energy potential and can be applied effectively towards the net zero emission target by 2060 or sooner.

In 2023, West Java’s renewable energy mix reached 25.81%, exceeding the 20% target mandated in the Regional Energy General Plan (RUED) in 2025.

Ai Saadiyah Dwidaningsih, Head of the Energy and Mineral Resources Agency of West Java Province, explained that the province has a renewable energy potential of around 192 GW, consisting of solar, biomass, geothermal, water and wind energy. However, only around 2% of this potential has been utilised, around 3.41 GW, with several challenges, including the need for more public understanding of renewable energy and energy conservation.

“The challenges of implementing the energy transition in West Java require cross-sector collaboration. Therefore, we formed the Regional Energy Forum to discuss strategic issues in the field of energy resources,” she said in a written statement.

IESR Energy Transformation Program Manager Deon Arinaldo said the importance of cross-sector collaboration in campaigning for energy transition. He also highlighted the energy transition learning platform provided by IESR, namely the Energy Transition Academy, which the public can openly access. (Hartatik)

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