Sri Mulyani: Efforts to reduce carbon emissions futile without sustainable funding

Jakarta – Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati has highlighted the importance of sustainable funding in dealing with climate change. Although this issue continues to receive attention, funding to address its impacts is still debatable and has yet to be fully resolved.

At a dialogue organised by PT Indonesia Infrastructure Finance (IIF), an infrastructure financing company, with the theme “The Dynamics of Sustainable Infrastructure Financing and Its Roles In Achieving Food Security”, Sri Mulyani said that “climate change cannot be faced without sustainable financing”.

Finance Minister Sri Mulyani explained that sustainable financing is critical in responding to current climate change challenges. She hopes all stakeholders can work together synergistically to achieve common goals in dealing with climate change and creating sustainable finance.

She explained that debates and discussions around carbon emissions will only be futile with real solutions supported by sustainable finance. Sri Mulyani emphasised that Indonesia has actively voiced the importance of sustainable finance in various international forums, including ASEAN, G20, and IMF-World Bank.

“I hope stakeholders, including multilateral banks, bilateral development partners, and philanthropy, support without disrupting existing regulations and bureaucracy,” Sri Mulyani explained.

“We are committed to building a carbon exchange, and in the ASEAN context, we are also participating in developing a taxonomy for sustainable finance, which is crucial,” she added.

Sri Mulyani said achieving sustainability targets in the face of climate change requires global collaboration and commitment. “We must work together to achieve sustainable solutions and support the shift towards zero emissions,” she concluded. (Hartatik)

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