Satyamitra acts to become an ESG-compliant company

Jakarta – The listed packaging company Satyamitra Kemas Lestari (SMKL) is very well aware that modern packaging uses a lot of resources and has detrimental effects on the environment. Being a responsible company and steadfastly following the strict environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles, the company is taking measures to mitigate the problems.

SMKL is installing solar cells on its new plant in Balaraja, which is expected to reduce the use of electricity generated by fossil fuels by between 5% and 8%, its director Herryanto Hidayat said.

The company is gradually replacing its boilers using coal with those using gas, replacing its transportation fleet with those in accordance with EURO 4 emission standards, and using biomass fuel at its new plant being built in Jepara, Herryanto added.

In waste management, SMKL recycles used papers, limiting paper waste to 1% of the total raw material. All of its plants are also equipped with hazardous waste treatment facilities, while its coal waste is sent for treatment to the facilities operated by licensed third parties.

The company ensures that between 60% and 70% of raw materials are supplied by FSC-certified paper producers. Meanwhile, he stated that the company sources pure pulp from legal and sustainable sources.

The company, which has been in the integrated packaging value chain for 18 years, produces 120,000 tons of corrugated, 60,000 tons of offset, 30,000,000 tons of rigid, and 40,000 tons of pre-print boxes annually.

Hate or not, our modern lifestyle still needs the packaging industry. (I Made Sentana)

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