RI invites IMO countries to strengthen energy efficiency implementation to reduce GHG emissions

Jakarta – The Indonesian government invites member countries of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) to strengthen cooperation in the application of energy efficiency and renewable energy to accelerate the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from ships. Director General of Sea Transportation of the Ministry of Transportation Arif Toha said that the government has prepared a strategy that encourages the decarbonisation of shipping at the national level.

“Indonesia has also mandated the implementation of energy efficiency measures, ship rejuvenation programmes, mandatory reporting of fuel consumption for all Indonesian-flagged vessels, installation of solar navigation aids, and port electrification,” Arif explained in front of representatives of IMO member countries in a written statement.

Furthermore, he explained that by the end of 2022, On-Shore Power Supply (OPS) facilities are now available in 21 ports. And Indonesia is committed to increasing the number significantly this year.

In addition, Indonesia will also continue to encourage the use of renewable energy by implementing a mandatory biodiesel programme, namely B-35 for the domestic shipping industry.

In the last three years, the use of biodiesel fuel has reached 22.7% of the total marine fuel consumption in Indonesia. The government seeks to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases.

“These things show that Indonesia, as a maritime nation, will continue to contribute to international efforts and implement our commitment to greenhouse gas reduction,” he added.

Arif said that Indonesia is currently working to increase the number of smart and sustainable ports to improve the efficiency and sustainability of ship and port operations and the national maritime industry. (Hartatik)

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