Pertamina instals solar panels in Riau, claiming efficiency of USD4.3m/year

Jakarta – PT Pertamina Hulu Rokan (PHR) is maximising the potential of solar energy by installing a solar power plant that spans 28.2 hectares (ha) over the Rokan working area, in Riau province, a company spokesman said.

PHR Corporate Secretary, Rudi Arifianto said, the location and geographical conditions of the Rokan work area is potential for providing high photovoltaic power output for solar power plants. For the construction of the power plant, PHR collaborates with PT Pertamina Power Indonesia as Pertamina’s Subholding in the New and Renewable Energy sector.

The power plant will consist of 64,000 panels spread over three points of the Rokan work area, namely in the workers’ housing complex in Rumbai, Duri and Dumai. Solar energy will be collected through solar panels, mounted on the ground and rooftops. The captured energy will then be converted through an inverter so that the electrical energy can be utilised at the Rokan work area.

“We have conducted studies related to the implementation of solar power generation at Rokan work area, including a study on site selection and studies related to the impact of power plant penetration on the stability of the Rokan work area electrical system, as well as a benefit analysis that has been carried out and concluded that it does not interfere with the electricity system at Rokan work area,” said Arifianto.

The production capacity that will be produced by the solar power plant is 25 MegaWatt peak (MWp) with an efficiency potential of USD 4.3 million per year. The plant will produce 32.42 GWh of energy per year. Currently, the project is still under construction and is planned to be operational this year.

“The solar power plant that we are building also has an impact on reducing CO2 emissions by 23,000 tons per year and reducing carbon taxes by USD 48,261 per year which of course has an impact on the world,” said Arifianto. (Hartatik)

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