Parliament member: 2024 electric motorcycle conversion failed, less than 1% realisation

Jakarta—The government’s program to convert conventional motorcycles into electric motorcycles since 2023 has not produced the expected results, according to a member of the House of Representatives (DPR). According to the data released, only 495 motorcycles were successfully converted over the past year, or less than one per cent of the initial target of 50 thousand units set by the government.

Member of Commission VII DPR RI Diah Nurwitasari said in her official statement, “if the target is not achieved, there (should be) a level of tolerance. But if it is far too far, (it means that) there is a lack of seriousness or a mountain-sized obstacle such that the realisation does not even reach one per cent.”

She questioned the government’s seriousness in running this program, especially considering the large budget remaining.

“Motorcycle conversion leaves a budget of IDR 349.75 billion (USD 22.12 million) unabsorbed. Unfortunately, that is not one or two rupiahs in terms of planning a large budget allocation but not absorbing the remaining budget of more than Rp. 349 billion. Is this improper planning or less serious implementation?” said Nurwitasari.

Meanwhile, the government’s plan to continue the conversion program with a very low target has also drawn criticism. Commission VII member Ratna Juwita Sari stated that programs that have failed should not be forced. “If the program cannot be implemented, just delete it. Using 10 units, I think this is like a joke,” she said.

Despite various promotions and incentives, public interest in the program remains low. Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Arifin Tasrif, highlighted the challenges of executing the electric motorcycle conversion program, primarily related to infrastructure and administrative requirements that the public must meet.

He said most vehicles participating in the program were “old motorcycles and are not legal”.

The government is also focusing on preparing supporting infrastructure and to improve the ease of the conversion process and vehicle legality. “The workshop’s ability is impressive, and it can convert within 3 and 4 hours for 1 vehicle. Hopefully, this can move,” Tasrif said.

Nevertheless, the challenges and obstacles that still occur in implementing the electric motorcycle conversion program indicate that further measures need to be considered to improve the program’s success in the future. (Hartatik)

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