Minister of Health: Follow China’s footsteps in tackling pollution

Jakarta – Minister of Health Budi Gunadi proposed to President Joko Widodo to follow China’s footsteps in tackling air pollution, as the country managed to reduce pollution between six to seven years, much faster than other countries’ efforts.

According to him, China has five strategies in reducing pollution, namely, controlling industrial emissions, controlling motor vehicle emissions, controlling dust, monitoring air quality, and reducing risks and health impacts.

Thousands of air quality monitors are installed in various parts of the city to make it easier for the government to make policy interventions.

In addressing air pollution, the Ministry of Health will focus more on the downstream side, specifically reducing health risks and impacts. In addition, the Ministry of Health also assists in monitoring air quality at the health centre level.

Community participation

Meanwhile, Bicara Udara community encourages the House of Representatives (DPR) to take concrete action in addressing air pollution issues that impact air quality and public health. Bicara Udara is a group initiated by mothers with children under five who are concerned about air cleanliness.

Novita Natalia, co-founder of Bicara Udara, said that the initiative aims to encourage the resolution of air pollution problems through cross-sectoral cooperation.

According to her, tackling air pollution is not only the responsibility of Commission IV, which oversees agriculture, environment and marine affairs, and the Ministry of Forestry and Environment (KLHK). It also involves Commission V, which handles the transport sector, Commission VII, which focuses on renewable energy, and Commission IX, which has an important role in maintaining public health. (Hartatik)

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