Green Business to be stronger job creator between 2023-2037

Jakarta – Investments that facilitate the green transition business and the broader application of environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards are expected to be the stronger net job creator in the next five years, a recent survey by the World Economic Forum revealed.

“AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning Specialists top the list of fast-growing jobs, followed by Sustainability Specialists, Business Intelligence Analysts and Information Security Analysts. Renewable Energy Engineers, and Solar Energy Installation and System Engineers are relatively fast-growing roles, as economies shift towards renewable energy,” the WEF said.

The impact of investments to drive the green transition was judged to be the sixth-most impactful macrotrend, followed by supply shortages and consumer expectations around social and environmental issues, according to the survey on 803 companies – collectively employing more than 11.3 million workers – across 27 industry clusters and 45 economies from all world regions.

Broader application of ESG standards within their organisations will also have a significant impact, along with increased adoption of new and frontier technologies and broadening digital access as the trends most likely to drive transformation in their organisations, the WEF added.

The WEF added that sustainability analyst, specialist and manager jobs were one of the fastest job offerings on Linked from 2018 to 2022 when they grew by 45%, 42% and 40% respectively. (I Made Sentana)

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