Government reduces energy subsidies, Pertalite quota maintained until 2025

Jakarta – The government plans to reduce the energy subsidy budget, especially for fuel oil (BBM), by 2025. This reduction has raised concerns in the community about the availability of subsidised fuel Pertalite at public filling stations (SPBU).

However, the Upstream Oil and Gas Regulatory Agency (BPH Migas) ensures that Pertalite will remain in circulation. BPH Migas explained that despite the plan to reduce fuel subsidies by Rp 67.1 trillion in the Macroeconomic Framework and Fiscal Policy Principles for 2025, the Pertalite quota will still be maintained.

“As stated in the letter to the Director General of Budget of the Ministry of Finance, the projected quota for Pertalite in 2025 is 31.33 to 33.23 million kiloliters,” Head of BPH Migas Erika Retnowati said in an official statement on Tuesday, May 28.

In early May 2024, “Pertalite missing from gas stations” was trending on social media. The trend was triggered by people complaining about getting Pertalite at several Pertamina gas stations. Most people buy Pertalite because of its relatively cheaper price, Rp 10,000 per litre.

The distribution quota for the Special Assignment Fuel Type (JBKP) for Pertalite in 2024 is 31.7 million kiloliters. “The quota calculation uses a regression statistical model with historical data on fuel consumption and GDP per capita parameters as well as assumptions on economic growth in 2025,” Retnowati explained.

Fuel subsidies in the state budget are only given to two types, namely diesel fuel and kerosene, while Pertalite is included in the compensation bill.

She added that the realisation of JBT (Certain Types of Fuel) distribution during January-April 2024 reached 5.57 million kiloliters or 30.12 per cent of the total allocated JBT quota of 18.49 million kiloliters. The details are 5.40 million kiloliters of diesel oil and 0.17 million kiloliters of kerosene.

“The reserve of quota is a control effort made so that the distribution is right on target and right on volume,” Retnowati concluded. (Hartatik)

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