Government, Pertamina signs 2024 energy subsidy contract worth Rp 189.1 trillion

Jakarta – The Indonesian government and PT Pertamina, through the representative of Subholding Commercial and Trading, PT Pertamina Patra Niaga, have signed the 2024 Energy Subsidy Contract. The value of this contract is Rp 189.1 trillion. The aim is to ensure that the distribution of subsidized energy reaches people in need at affordable prices.

The Ministry of Finance’s Director General of Budget, Isa Rachmatarwata, said that the energy subsidy budget allocation covers subsidies, including Rp 25.8 trillion for certain types of fuel oil (JBT), Rp 87.4 trillion for 3 kg LPG cylinders, and the rest for electricity subsidies.

“This is not a small number, and we want to ensure it goes to the right parties. This means that those entitled to receive subsidies should get the subsidized goods,” he said in a written statement at the signing of the 2024 Energy Subsidy Contract in Jakarta on Friday, March 15.

In carrying out this assignment, Pertamina, through PT Pertamina Patra Niaga as Subholding Commercial and Trading, in 2024, will distribute subsidized fuel for JBT kerosene with a quota of 0.5 million kilolitres (kl), JBT diesel oil with a quota of 17.8 million kl, and 3 kg cylinder LPG of 8.03 million metric tons (MT).

Nicke Widyawati, president director of Pertamina, emphasized the company’s commitment to carrying out this mandate well. Pertamina tries to ensure that energy subsidies are distributed to the groups that need them, such as the fisheries sector, agriculture, MSMEs, water transportation, and public services.

“With the 2024 Energy Subsidy Contract, Pertamina further strengthens its commitment to maintaining national energy security and ensuring equitable energy distribution for all Indonesian people,” she explained.

Widyawati also revealed that Pertamina has made various digitalization innovations to ensure targeted energy subsidy distribution. Appropriate subsidy registration for vehicles and data collection of underprivileged people are some of the steps that have been taken to improve the efficiency of subsidy distribution.

Meanwhile, data from the previous year shows that in 2023, Pertamina distributed 17.42 million kl of JBT diesel oil, 0.49 million kl of JBT kerosene, and 8.05 million MT of 3 kg LPG cylinders. (Hartatik)

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