Global Climate Strike: Threat of climate change almost drown the north coast of Java

Jakarta – A number of communities and organisations from various regions in Indonesia, members of the Earth Needs Action Collective (BBA), voiced their concerns about the threat of the climate crisis through the Climate Strike action, Friday (23/9). They held a Global Climate Strike action simultaneously in various cities.

Similar actions were also held in a number of cities around the world to urge leaders to prioritise those most affected by climate change, as an expression of disappointment with the government’s neglectful attitude in dealing with the threat of the climate crisis.

“We have the same anxiety about the future of the Earth, today we can already see the impact of the climate crisis from the north coast of Java which is sinking every year. It’s been three years since the first Climate Strike in Indonesia, we have been waiting for steps from the government to respond to our concerns, but why have they ignored this real threat until today?” said Reka Maharwati, a representative of Enter Nusantara, stating that the climate crisis is very close, even in the island of Java.

Hadi Priyanto from Greenpeace Indonesia said the climate crisis should be a turning point to change the direction of policy, abandoning dirty energy and other bad practices that further exacerbate the climate crisis. According to him, there has been no change since the action was carried out for the first time in 2019. “The government continues to ignore and even make regulations that distance themselves from the people. … We refuse to be just a number in the ballot box and collect taxes, because we are the people who should be the masters of our government,” Hadi said.

The Climate Strike activity is a global movement for young people in the world, which was inspired by the School Strike conducted by Greta Thunberg in 2018. This year, young people who care about the environment again echo the message related to the climate crisis. In order for this movement to continue, the Bumi Need Action collective initiates collaboration and mutual support between communities, entities and organisations or any group with the aim of #PukulMundurKrisisIklim (striking back the climate crisis).

Climate Strike 2022 in Jakarta, which was attended by more than 80 organisations and youth groups from various regions in Indonesia, started from the IRTI Parking Field and ended with music performances and various activities on the aspirations stage at Taman Dukuh Atas. This action is intended to create space for the community to protect the environment in various ways and colours, as well as work together and share the fire of passion for sustainability in protecting this earth. (Hartatik)

Banner photo: Activists from the Pause for Climate Coalition, XR Indonesia, BEM FMIPA UI and youth organisations carrying out the “Global Climate Strike (GCS)” action at Lapangan Banteng Park, Jakarta which was broadcast live via Instagram reels, Friday (23/9). (Hartatik)

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