Activists: JETP Secretariat and donor countries should open investment plans

Jakarta – Observers are calling on the government to be more open and provide more opportunities for the public to provide input into the energy transition investment plan under the Just Energy Transition Partnership (JETP) funding scheme. Indonesia Team Lead Sisila Nurmala Dewi said that the delay in launching the energy transition investment plan under the JETP funding scheme could be an opportunity for the public to provide input on the energy transition investment plan. But at the same time it can be bad news, because the implementation of the energy transition programme is delayed.

“As long as information disclosure and public participation in the JETP Secretariat are not just lip service,” Dewi said in a written statement. According to her, from the beginning, the discussion of the JETP investment plan was not open and participatory.

“There was indeed a dialogue with civil society, but the dialogue was far from participatory, because the dialogue was held without being preceded by information disclosure about the JETP agenda that would be discussed,” said Dewi.

Beyrra Triasdian, Renewable Energy Portfolio Manager at Trend Asia, said that although the JETP energy transition commitment was agreed eight months ago, the planning documents and agenda are still closed to the public. In fact, more than 278 million Indonesians are at the forefront of the climate crisis and have become victims of government policies that are dependent on coal.

The JETP Secretariat has previously said that it will launch the comprehensive investment and policy plan (CIPP) on 16 August 2023 and promised access to exchange information on the development of the document for public participation, but failed to do so. (Hartatik)

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