Xurya: Installation of solar panels electricity costs up to 50 Percent

Jakarta – Installing solar roof panels can contribute to environmental conservation by reducing the use of fossil fuels and also save electricity costs by up to 50%, a solar panel company said.

“From 2018, we have seen a positive trend where more and more companies are switching to roof solar panels, starting from consumer goods (companies), F&B, automotive, textile, ceramics, malls, hotels and many more industrial sectors,” said George Hadi Santoso, Vice President of Marketing Xurya Daya Indonesia in a written release. He said, Indonesian people’s awareness of the importance of renewable energy transition is increasing from year to year.

Public Perceptions Survey on Renewable Energy conducted by Koaksi and Change.org in 2019, sunlight is still the respondent’s main choice as a renewable energy source, especially because as a tropical country, Indonesia has more advantages than the abundance of sunlight throughout the year.

More than half (56.5%) of respondents said they would prefer to use renewable energy rather than fossil fuels. Welcoming the ongoing positive trend, Xurya invites companies in Indonesia to participate in the success of the energy transition by installing roof solar panels.

“This year, we already have more than 100 corporate customers from various provinces, which is the largest number in Indonesia for the installation of roof solar panels with a rental scheme without investment. Our main goal in the long term is to be able to realise the installation of Rooftop Solar Power generators to reach 1 Giga Watt Peak and help more companies switch to energy efficient and environmentally friendly,” said Santoso. (Hartatik)

Banner photo: Xurya Daya Indonesia staff install solar panels on industrial roofs. (Doc Xurya)

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