SUN Energy develops portable solar power plant “PV Roll Up”

Jakarta – SUN Energy introduced the latest innovations of solar power projects (PLTS) implemented in the mining operational area, Berau Coal in Suaran, East Kalimantan, according to a company statement, Tuesday (23/8).

The PV roll up trial phase was carried out on an area of ​​5,935.5 m2, by installing 1,600 units of PV modules. The total capacity of the installed solar panels is 720 kWp, capable of producing 1,005 MWh of clean energy annually.

“This figure is able to support 25% of the total electricity demand of the Coal Processing Plant (CPP) in Berau Coal Suaran. In the future, Berau Coal can move this PLTS PV Roll Up if future business continuity requires relocating the business location to another area,” said Dionpius Jefferson, Chief Commercial Officer of SUN Energy in a written statement.

As a PLTS developer, SUN Energy introduces a roll up PV product, which is a solar panel (PV) that has been assembled together with a panel holder or mounting frame, thus supporting an easier installation process.

“This Roll Up PV PLTS can be folded and has wheels that can be run, so that PLTS can be easily moved to another location if needed,” he said.

Through the use of solar energy, Berau Coal Suaran with the support of SUN Energy has attempted to reduce carbon emissions by 401 tons annually, and estimates that 6,015 trees will be planted over 10 years.

Solar energy is one of the renewable energies whose application is considered the easiest and has tremendous potential in Indonesia. It also believes that SUN Energy as a developer of solar energy will continue to expand the use of clean energy in Indonesia as part of the acceleration of the energy mix target. (Hartatik)

Banner photo: Solar PV Roll Up Technology Innovation from SUN Energy in the Berau Coal mining area in Suaran, East Kalimantan. (Source: SUN Energy)

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