Indonesian Petroleum Association: energy security is still supported by the oil and gas sector

Jakarta – The Indonesian Petroleum Association (IPA) is preparing a study document of proposals from oil and gas industry players to achieve the desired oil and gas investment, as well as carbon emission reduction efforts that are technically and economically feasible in Indonesia.

IPA Vice President Ronald Gunawan said the document will be presented at the 47th IPA Convention and Exhibition 2023 (47th IPA Convex 2023) at ICE, BSD City, on 25-27 July 2023.

“Hopefully, IPA Convex 2023 will become an important event for all stakeholders and the wider community to understand better the important role of the oil and gas industry in the energy transition period, as well as provide awareness about the importance of protecting the environment by reducing carbon emissions,” Gunawan said in a written statement.

This annual event will carry the theme “Enabling Oil and Gas Investment and Energy Transition for Energy Security”. The forum aims to find solutions so that the two targets set by the government, namely reducing carbon emissions and increasing oil and gas production, can be achieved.

Upstream oil and gas players agree that energy transition is inevitable. However, in the context of energy needs that are still high and tend to increase due to economic growth, energy sourced from oil and gas is believed to be still needed. At the same time, the government develops new and renewable energy in the amount needed.

Gunawan also emphasised that the upstream oil and gas sector is an inseparable part of the plans of stakeholders in the energy sector to produce clean energy in the future so that the Net Zero Emission target can be achieved at or sooner. “One of the efforts to reduce carbon emissions is done mainly by using CCS/CCUS technology,” he concluded. (Hartatik)

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