EMR Minister: People need to save energy, anticipate the threat of a global energy crisis

Jakarta – In the face of global conflict conditions that impact crude oil production quota control, Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (EMR), Arifin Tasrif has called on the public to save energy.

“To maintain supply stability, we must encourage the public to save energy. Don’t use energy if you don’t need it because we also find it difficult to get it,” said Arifin on Monday, March 4. He added that collective awareness of using energy wisely is very important.

Currently, the control of oil production by the world’s oil-producing countries has caused oil prices to strengthen, reaching the level of USD 80 per barrel, an increase from the previous range of USD 65-70 per barrel. In this context, Arifin emphasised the importance of collaboration between the government and society in maintaining prices and reducing unnecessary energy consumption.

“So this is what we need to support each other. The government will maintain prices. On the other hand, we also ask the public to save energy,” he explained.

The government is also focusing on maintaining the stability of fuel oil (BBM) supply by optimising domestic oil and gas reserves. The aim is to reduce dependence on fuel imports. By utilising new technology and discovering new reserves, the government is trying to increase domestic oil production.

“We have made efforts to arrest the decline in production. Now we are going even further, namely, how to increase production again. We hope that the maximum possible output can be produced from the Cepu Block,” Arifin said.

In addition, Arifin also mentioned several other oil and gas fields, such as the Rokan Block, Masela, and Tangguh Train 3, as potentials to increase domestic oil and gas production. Testing is being carried out in Rokan Block to obtain oil from the deepest layer with a production target of 1 million barrels.

In the gas sector, there is hope for increased production with the operation of Tangguh Train 3 at BP and the execution of the previously delayed Masela project. All these steps are taken to ensure the availability of energy for domestic needs and to anticipate the threat of a global energy crisis that may occur in the future.

On the same occasion, Arifin Tasrif also conveyed the importance of the community’s role in energy-saving efforts. With shared awareness and concrete actions, it is hoped that Indonesia can overcome complex energy challenges and achieve sustainable energy sustainability. (Hartatik)

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