EMR: Achievement of NRE portion is still 12.3% until 2022

Jakarta – Until 2022, the share of new renewable energy (NRE) in the national energy mix will only reach 12.3 percent. This is still far from the 2025 target of 23 percent, according to the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (EMR).

Director General of New, Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation (EBTKE) of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Dadan Kusdiana did not deny that the achievement is still very small. Therefore, his party needs to make serious plans to optimize NRE as much as possible.

“The global energy paradigm is increasingly centered on the energy transition towards clean energy, minimal emissions, and environmentally friendly. This is at once a challenge and an opportunity for Indonesia as a country that has varied renewable energy sources,” Kusdiana said at the launching of The 11th Indonesia EBTKE Conference and Exhibition 2023, which will be held next July in person in Jakarta.

According to him, the Indonesian government is still optimistic about increasing the utilization of NRE potential, be it for electricity or the use of fuel or biodiesel.

“We will continue to increase the utilization of EBTKE for both electricity and fuel. Fuel alone has reached more than 10.4 million Kl in 2022 and will continue to be increased through the B35 mandate this year,” said Kusdiana.

Meanwhile, in order to achieve the short-term target of 2025, Dadan emphasized that a number of concrete efforts and synergy of all parties are needed so that the energy transition efforts towards NZE can be achieved.

One of them is the organization of Indo EBTKE ConEx 2023 which is expected to bring together all EBTKE stakeholders both from within the country and abroad to exchange information, discuss and collaborate through the platforms provided, in order to develop new renewable energy in Indonesia and achieve the targets that have been set. (Hartatik)

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