BPH Migas corrects the distribution of specialised fuel, saving Rp 62.65 billion in subsidies

Jakarta – Head of the Downstream Oil and Gas Regulatory Agency (BPH Migas), Erika Retnowati, said in early January the agency was active in monitoring the distribution of fuel oil (BBM).

In a written statement, she explained that BPH Migas routinely verifies the volume of distribution of Certain Types of Fuel (JBT) and Assigned Special Fuel Types (JBKP).

From the verification results until November 2023, BPH Migas corrected the distribution volume of JBT Solar Oil as much as 6,172,547 kiloliters. The largest correction occurred in the land transportation sector with 6,027.07 kiloliters, followed by the sea transportation sector (112.477 kiloliters), fisheries (21.5 kiloliters), public services (10 kiloliters), and trains (1.5 kiloliters).

“This correction has a positive impact, estimated to save subsidies and compensation of around Rp 62.65 billion,” Retnowati said.

Regarding fuel distribution in 2023, data from December 28 recorded that JBT diesel oil reached 17.46 million kiloliters or 102.69% of the total quota. Meanwhile, JBT Kerosene reached 97.89%, and JBKP Pertalite reached 91.43%.

Retnowati explained that the realisation of fuel consumption has increased due to economic recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic. Although additional activities are ahead of the election, she ensures that the increase will be at most 5%, around 4%.

In response, the government has anticipated increasing the distribution quota of JBT diesel oil in 2024 to 19 million kiloliters. “Supervision will be tightened with barcodes to ensure consumption control,” she added.

Retnowati said that in 2023, BPH Migas also established regulations regarding issuing recommendation letters for purchasing JBT and JBKP, replacing the previous regulations. This step ensured smooth distribution to micro-user consumers, fisheries, agriculture, transportation, and public services. BPH Migas has conducted intensive socialisation with local governments regarding the regulation. (Hartatik)

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