BNI disburses USD 110 million for Indonesia’s largest wind power project

Jakarta – Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI) disbursed USD 110 million to fund the acquisition of the Sidrap Wind Power Plant (PLTB) in South Sulawesi. The largest wind power plant project in Indonesia is managed by PT Barito Wind Energy, a subsidiary of PT Barito Renewables Energy Tbk (Barito Renewables).

According to BNI Corporate Secretary, Okki Rushartomo, the funds channelled by BNI are part of the bank’s strategy to strengthen its financing portfolio in the green energy sector. PLTB Sidrap is expected to contribute in producing clean and sustainable electrical energy, while helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“The funding provided is BNI’s strategic step in strengthening the financing portfolio in the green energy sector. PLTB Sidrap has the potential to produce clean and sustainable electrical energy, and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” he said in an official statement, on Thursday, May 2.

The Facility Agreement of USD 110 million is divided into two parts, namely Tranche A of USD 70 million for acquisition financing and Tranche B of USD 40 million for general corporate purposes. Rushartomo also said that BNI is committed to continuing to support the government’s efforts to provide strategic energy sources for Indonesia’s economic development.

“BNI is committed to continuing to support the development of green energy in Indonesia as part of its contribution to environmental preservation and sustainable development while increasing national energy security,” he added.

This project is expected to be an important milestone in the government and private sector’s efforts to advance sustainable energy solutions in Indonesia. With BNI’s financial support, PT Barito Wind Energy is expected to successfully operate PLTB Sidrap as one of the concrete steps towards environmental sustainability and sustainable economic development. (Hartatik)

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