Steill urges bold action at COP28 to preserve the 1.5°C goal

UN Climate Change Executive Secretary Simon Stiell issued a compelling plea for urgent and ambitious climate action to preserve the 1.5°C goal and address the global climate crisis during a press meeting on Friday, 8 December.

Stiell opened with a stark reminder of the critical nature of the situation, emphasising that time is of the essence. He underscored that COP28 must be a platform for solutions, a decisive move towards extricating all nations from the throes of the climate crisis.

“That is my central focus: solutions, acceleration, the highest ambition here at COP, and a springboard for the crucial years ahead. COP28 must deliver a big switch: not just ‘what’ governments must do, but also ‘how’ to get the job done,” he said.

Stiell stressed that the necessary technologies and tools already exist, urging negotiators to agree on their implementation during the conference.

Highlighting the moment’s urgency, Stiell declared it’s “go-time” for governments at COP28. He acknowledged the existence of low, middle, and high-ambition options. Still, he emphasised the need for the highest ambition outcomes to stay at the forefront of negotiations to keep the 1.5°C target alive.

While recognising that compromises may be essential, Stiell categorically stated that there should be no compromises on ambition. “The UNFCCC will be an honest broker and convenor within this process. We will make sure all countries have a seat at the table and can use their full voices. This week I don’t want to see diversions and political tactics that hold climate ambition hostage,” he said.

Stiell discouraged diversions and political tactics that could hinder climate ambition, urging negotiators to think outside the box and embrace a paradigm shift in climate action. He noted that climate action presents a significant opportunity for economic growth, job creation, pollution reduction, and improved human health.

In conclusion, Stiell emphasised that bold climate action is not just a necessity but a chance for governments to deliver what billions of people worldwide desire—an opportunity for stable economic growth and improved livelihoods. As COP28 unfolds in Dubai, the world watches with anticipation, hoping that countries will cooperate to seize this historic chance for a sustainable future. (nsh)

Banner Photo: UN Climate Change Executive Secretary Simon Stiell. (c) UN COP28 UAE

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