Solar power company SUNterra launch app to accelerate solar energy users

Jakarta – SUNterra, a solar energy development company that focuses on the residential sector, launched an application aimed to accelerate the use of solar power generation systems in Indonesia. The application, Mandara, an Indonesian acronym that means ‘friends and family’, is an incentive-based partnership program for marketers or agents to market SUNterra products to the public.

SUNterra CEO, Fanda Soesilo said in a statement at the end of February, the Mandara application is a follow-up initiative from the SUNterra application which was launched in October last year. She said the application can help marketers in terms of empowering members, performance, monitoring the sales process, to incentive summaries, which can be accessed anywhere at any time, with an intuitive interface and a variety of supporting features.

The SUNterra application has a series of features, such as the Solar Calculator which makes it easier for potential customers to calculate solar energy system needs, and the Solar Monitoring feature to monitor solar energy systems directly.

SUNterra also launched a solar panel subscription program or Solar Subscription and became the first in Indonesia. This program allows prospective customers to own a solar power generation system without any up-front costs and only pay a subscription fee starting at IDR 200,000 (USD 13) per month for 1 kWp capacity.

Another advantage is that customers can save on electricity costs. “This Solar Panel subscription program is the right solution for people who want to have a solar power generation system while at the same time getting savings on electricity costs while contributing to saving the environment. Savings can reach 20-30 percent,” Soesilo said, adding that the Solar Subscription program currently only covers the greater Jakarta area. (Hartatik)

Banner photo: SUNterra launched Mandara, an incentive-based marketer or partnership agent program to market products to accelerate the use of the solar panel system in Indonesia. (Source: SUNterra)

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