PLN and Indokorea Gas Consortium joined forces to build LNG infrastructure in Nusa Tenggara

Jakarta – PT PLN Energi Primer Indonesia (PLN EPI) has joined forces with the Indokorea Gas Consortium in a strategic move to bolster its natural gas framework, as announced in a recent statement. This collaboration aims to enhance Indonesia’s natural gas infrastructure, specifically focusing on developing Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) midstream facilities in the Nusa Tenggara region.

This initiative is set to forge new pathways for the proliferation of clean energy within the nation, aligning with PLN’s broader objective of advancing renewable energy utilisation. As part of their Accelerated Renewable Energy Development (ARED) strategy, PLN is committed to ensuring that gas-fired power plants contribute to 25 per cent of the national electricity supply, a move poised to give local communities access to cleaner and more cost-effective energy.

Darmawan Prasodjo, PLN’s President Director, highlighted the project’s role in manifesting the ARED vision, which seeks to catalyse regional economic advancement by providing sustainable and affordable energy solutions.

Meanwhile, Adi Lumakso, PLN’s Director of Generation Management, underscored the significance of the partnership with the Indokorea Gas Consortium as a pivotal step towards enhancing the LNG infrastructure in both West and East Nusa Tenggara, marking a critical juncture in PLN’s energy transition and operational efficiency efforts.

Furthermore, Iwan Agung Firstantara, President Director of PLN EPI, disclosed the project’s ambitious scope: establishing LNG facilities across six distinct locations on various islands. This initial phase is projected to deliver a total capacity of 377 MW, representing a vital leap forward in minimising fossil fuel dependency and championing the shift towards renewable energy sources. (Hartatik)

Banner photo: PT PLN Energi Primer Indonesia (PLN EPI) signed cooperation with Indokorea Gas Consortium to build Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) midstream infrastructure in the Nusa Tenggara region. (Source: PLN)

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