Parliament member: Limited subsidy for 3-kg LPG urgent, as distribution missed targeted group

Jakarta – Member of Commission VII of the House of Representatives, Mulyanto, said that 3-kg canister LPG supervision and distribution is still chaotic and a more controlled closed distribution system needs to be established.

According to him, the government should immediately improve the system by speeding up the registration of 3-kg gas canister users to obtain accurate data. The chaotic distribution is reflected in various incidents, including the viral information that even artists with high incomes can buy subsidised gas inappropriately.

“This data is important as an evaluation base to develop criteria for a closed LPG distribution system and determine those entitled to use subsidized 3 kg melon gas,” Mulyanto said in an official statement Tuesday, April 16.

Furthermore, he explained that the DPR has long asked the Government to compile data on eligible people to receive LPG subsidies. However, the data is still not available. This data is crucial to measure the amount of subsidized LPG consumption accurately.

“3-kg LPG gas is for the poor and micro businesses that cannot afford (the full price). Do not let those who can afford it, let alone artists, freely buy subsidised gas. This is a waste of state money,” Mulyanto said.

This issue highlights the need for tighter controls in distributing subsidized melon gas. Under the current open system, weak supervision has led to various irregularities in distribution, resulting in subsidies that are not well-targeted.

Efforts to improve the LPG distribution system are urgent, especially to avoid wasting the state budget and ensure that subsidies are targeted to those who need them. (Hartatik)

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