Monitoring deforestation and forest fire from your mobile phone

Jakarta – Nusantara Atlas, a platform to monitor deforestation is now accessible from smartphones. The desktop version describes itself as a platform that “tracks the actions of palm oil, pulp-and-paper, mining, and timber producers, the main drivers of deforestation, to ensure what happens on the ground is fair, transparent, and democratic.”

The mobile version of the site can be accessed through standard mobile web browsers. “We’ve revamped the map interface specifically for mobile devices, improving user experience. This means more people can access it since almost everyone has a phone these days,” said David Gaveau, landscape ecologist and founder of, host of Nusantara Atlas.

The platform allows users to track deforestation annually over two decades, to calculate the past deforestation footprint of companies. “You can visualize and analyze temporal trends in deforestation and fires anywhere in Indonesia, Malaysian Borneo, and Brunei down to municipalities, verify no deforestation pledges in concessions, near palm oil mills, or verify the performance of protected areas, a village forest, or a restoration project,” the Nusantara Atlas website claims.

“You’ll have a comprehensive view of landscapes right at your fingertips and will be able to track deforestation and fires historically and in near-real time on the fly over Indonesia and Malaysia,” said Gaveau in a social media post.

He said Nusantara Atlas has added 2198 palm oil mills worldwide and is filled with high-quality, georeferenced stories. (nsh)

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