Govt to subsidise Pertamax from 2024 to reduce emissions

Jakarta – In 2024, Pertamina will replace RON 90 or Pertalite fuel with RON 92 or Pertamax fuel. The aim is to encourage motorised vehicles to switch to high-octane, low-emission fuels amid acute air pollution conditions in DKI Jakarta and several other major cities.

RON, the research octane number, indicates the combustibility of gasoline (petrol) or liquid fuels in internal combustion engines.

President Director of PT Pertamina (Persero), Nicke Widyawati, said the plan has become one of the roadmaps agreed with the government to improve fuel quality sold to the public. According to her, this road map began with the Blue Sky programme two years ago, increasing subsidised fuel from RON 88 to RON 90.

“We are continuing under the second phase of the blue sky programme plan, increasing the subsidised fuel from RON 90 to RON 92. Because the KLHK (Ministry of Environment and Forestry) regulation states that the octane number that can be sold in Indonesia is a minimum of 91,” Widyawati said in an official statement.

Biofuel mix

In addition to selling RON 92 fuel as the lowest RON, Pertamina’s gasoline will also begin to be blended with ethanol. Thus there will be three Pertamina gasoline products sold to the public, two of which will be blended with ethanol. Furthermore, according to him, in 2024 Pertamina will release Pertamax Green 92, which is Pertalite mixed with ethanol, so that the octane number increases from 90 to 92.

“So next year there will only be three Pertamax products, namely Pertamax Green 92 with a mixture of RON 90 and 7% ethanol or E7, the second is Pertamax Green 95 which is a mixture of Pertamax RON 92 with 8% ethanol and the third is Pertamax Turbo,” Widyawati said. (Hartatik)

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