Govt to revise National Energy Policy, launch a new monitoring platform

Jakarta – The government plans to revise the National Energy Policy (KEN), and request the National Energy Council (DEN) to provide provincial energy supply and demand data. To facilitate the task, DEN launched the National and Regional Energy Planning and Monitoring System (SPEND), a web-based platform that will be used to facilitate stakeholders in implementing energy planning, both national and regional levels.

DEN Secretary General Djoko Siswanto said that 10 percent of energy data procurement in the area could be taken from the council budget, he said at the launch of the SPEND platform earlier this week.

The SPEND platform, which was developed in 2022 and was formed in collaboration with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), is used to monitor, evaluate, and report on energy planning and action plans in the regions. Until now, there have been 28 provinces that have adopted a Regional Energy General Plan (RUED).

DEN member, Herman Darnel Ibrahim added, the formulation of the new KEN will not only regulate energy security, but also the acceptance of clean energy. Currently, according to him, DEN has already made projections for national energy needs, but not yet for the regions. “In the near future there will be discussions on how to implement energy policies in each region,” said Ibrahim.

With the public access to the SPEND platform, he continued, indicators that were not yet good could be corrected immediately. For example, the mix of renewable energy is still low, so it is expected that regions will compete to achieve energy supply with high resilience, low carbon and support the transition. (Hartatik)

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