Government offers investors to gasify 27 power plants, total capacity of 2,269 MW

Jakarta – The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (EMR) is inviting investors to accelerate PT PLN’s (Persero) power plant gasification program, which targets the conversion of 27 gas-fired power plants (GPPs) with a total capacity of around 2,269 MW.

This gasification program consists of 25 GPPs already operating with a total capacity of 999 MW, one under construction with a capacity of 120 MW, and one GPP in the Huadi Cluster in the planning stage with a capacity of 1,150 MW.

Director General of Electricity Jisman Hutajulu said the gasification program will significantly benefit the country, including reducing oil imports, increasing clean energy, and meeting the Paris Agreement commitments. According to him, the power plant gasification program aims to increase the use of clean energy and efficiency in providing electricity in the country.

The gasification program is divided into several regional clusters: the Kalimantan Cluster, Sulawesi-Maluku-Huadi Cluster, Nusa Tenggara Cluster, North Papua Cluster, and South Papua Cluster. The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources will continue to monitor project implementation progress and coordinate the need for gas by PLN, which is expected to increase with the completion of the gasification project at the PLTMG in stages from December 2024 to the end of 2026. (Hartatik)

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