Energy expert: Indonesia’s abundant electricity supply drives the development of energy storage systems

Semarang – Indonesia’s electricity supply surplus is caused by a mismatch between projected electricity demand and consumption, experts said. The surplus that happened since 2015, is expected to continue.

Prof Ir Imam Prasetyo, MEng PhD, Lecturer of Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM), in his professorship inaugural speech entitled “Nanoporous Carbon Materials and the Future of Energy Storage Device Development,” said the surplus hinders the development of renewable energy investment.

He said the economic aspect of this surplus places a significant financial burden on the country.
Prof Prasetyo said that addressing the surplus of electricity supply in Indonesia requires an integrated energy storage system in electricity generation planning.

“Efficient and reliable utility energy storage units will be an integral part of future energy generation systems. Advances in energy storage technology and the need to integrate renewable energy sources in power generation pose challenges and opportunities for a country’s energy sector,” he said.

Prof Prasetyo said that he and the Carbon Research Group at the Department of Chemical Engineering UGM are currently conducting research related to materials for the development of energy storage devices, with a special focus on nanoporous carbon materials, a material with a porous structure sized less than 100 nanometers, forming an interconnected hierarchical pore network with a large specific surface area.

Although still in the research stage, nanoporous carbon materials have the potential to drive the development and innovation of other energy storage devices, such as batteries, supercapacitors, fuel cells and adsorptive hydrogen storage. (Hartatik)

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