East Ventures-KADIN-WRI launch new web-based GHG calculator ECOVISEA

Jakarta – East Ventures and the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin Indonesia) have unveiled ECOVISEA, a free tool designed to calculate and visualise greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for Southeast Asian businesses. This initiative, bolstered by a knowledge partnership with WRI Indonesia, aims to streamline the process for companies to assess and mitigate their environmental footprint.

ECOVISEA, which stands for Emission Calculator & Visualization Southeast Asia, emerges from a collaboration rooted in the shared goal of achieving net zero emissions. This objective was formalised through a Memorandum of Understanding signed during the Indonesia Net Zero Summit 2022, a testament to the collective commitment of East Ventures, Kadin Indonesia, and WRI Indonesia.

With Indonesia ranking among the top 10 GHG emitters globally, contributing approximately 1.48 GtCO2e annually, the urgency for actionable solutions like ECOVISEA has never been more pronounced. The platform addresses a critical gap for Indonesian enterprises, particularly MSMEs and startups, who have historically grappled with the complexities of calculating their carbon footprint due to limited access to expertise and resources.

ECOVISEA simplifies this process by providing a user-friendly interface where companies can measure emissions across three scopes: direct emissions, indirect emissions from purchased energy, and all other indirect emissions within the company’s value chain. The tool leverages globally standardised emission factor data from Climatiq, ensuring compliance with the GHG Protocol and ISO 14067.

Shinta W. Kamdani, Vice Chairperson for Maritime Affairs, Investment, and Foreign Affairs of Kadin Indonesia, highlighted the platform’s significance in supporting national companies’ transition to Net Zero. “ECOVISEA is an essential platform for Indonesian companies to measure and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions,” Kamdani stated, expressing confidence in the tool’s role in achieving national emission reduction targets.

Echoing this sentiment, Avina Sugiarto, Partner at East Ventures, emphasised the collaborative effort behind ECOVISEA’s development. “This innovative platform simplifies the previously manual carbon calculation process while empowering businesses to visualise their GHG emission sources,” Sugiarto remarked, underscoring the initiative’s alignment with East Ventures’ commitment to sustainability.

The launch of ECOVISEA is just the beginning, with plans to fully support calculations for emissions from companies’ value chains upstream and downstream. Nirarta Samadhi, Country Director of WRI Indonesia, praised the tool’s potential to democratise knowledge on accurate emissions accounting, which is crucial for Indonesia’s industrial decarbonisation efforts.

As businesses in Indonesia and beyond seek to align with global sustainability targets, ECOVISEA offers a vital resource, empowering them with the data needed to make informed decisions towards a sustainable future. For more details or to register, companies are invited to visit ecovisea.com. (nsh)

Banner photo: Press handout/East Ventures

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