Anticipating future electricity demand hikes, PLN IP turns to NRE

Jakarta—PLN Indonesia Power (PLN IP) is taking proactive steps to respond to future electricity needs by prioritising using new renewable energy (NRE).

“To achieve the net zero emission target, PLN has and continues to strive to create strategic solutions in the energy transition,” said PLN Indonesia Power President Director Edwin Nugraha Putra in an official statement on Monday, May 6.

He said PLN Indonesia Power considers future needs, especially in the next 35 years. For this reason, the company has developed a comprehensive NRE development strategy to ensure the fulfilment of high electricity demand in the future.

“We have started considering using renewable energy such as hydro, geothermal, nuclear, and ammonia co-firing. However, we realise their implementation still requires technological maturity to keep electricity costs affordable,” Putra explained.

As a first step, PLN Indonesia Power has designed the Hijaunesia 2023 project, which prioritises the construction of Solar Power Plants (PLTS) and Wind Power Plants (PLTB) with a total capacity of 1,055 MW through a Strategic Partnership scheme.

“This initiative is a concrete step in accelerating the development of NRE, listed in the 2021-2030 Electricity Supply Business Plan (RUPTL), with a total capacity of 1,055 MW,” he said.

PLN IP plans to accelerate the construction of PLTS in 5 locations with a total capacity of 500 MW. The target is to complete the construction by the Commercial Operation Date (COD), which is faster than before.

“This development will be carried out in parallel with the partner pre-selection process, lender selection, and licensing process to ensure the development runs smoothly and on time,” Putra concluded. (Hartatik)

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