Adaptive capacity needs to be improved in facing evident climate change impacts

Jakarta – Deputy Chairman of the Upper House of Parliament, Lestari Moerdijat, has called for increased adaptive capacity to prepare for the earth’s rising temperature due to climate change. The impact of climate change is considered to increase hydrometeorological disasters, reduce food productivity, increase infectious diseases, disrupt mental health, and damage economic infrastructure due to floods and landslides.

“Various threats to the environment, food productivity, health and the economy due to rising temperatures must be a common concern,” said Moerdijat in a written statement.

She said the Indonesian Climate Change and Forestry Expert Network (APIK) reminded stakeholders in Indonesia to immediately prepare for the earth’s temperature to exceed the limit of 1.5 degrees Celsius due to climate change. The threat of disruption to food productivity can potentially disrupt efforts to improve the quality of health and the nation’s economy.

“Threats to the environment, food productivity and infrastructure must be faced with careful planning, not to disrupt the ongoing development process significantly,” said Moerdijat. (Hartatik)

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